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LunchBox ESkateboard Part 0: Introduction

There is a 500 meter long walk from where I live to where I am working which I am forced to undertake every single day. As lazy as I am, I decided to build a DIY electric skateboard to relieve myself from this "excruciating" pain. So after two months of scavenging and tinkering, it is finally finished, with a lunchbox. 

A video of me testing it in local park.

The skateboard is controlled by my android application via Bluetooth as I dislike carrying an extra radio controller. Speed adjustment and brake can be triggered by pressing the volume button for convenience.  Here is a snapshot of the app UI Interface. 

The overall cost of the skateboard is 440SGD or 330 USD. The majority of components were purchased from Taobao and shipped from China to Singapore. Below is the component list.  Mechanical Component Choice and remarks Final price deck Normal skateboard deck 49RMB Trucks(滑板架) DIY kit 360+15= 375RMB Motor mount Pulley(轮滑组) wheels Motor(马达) N5065-270kv 185+7=192RMB Electr…